About Our Airline

Eurolink was established in 2021 with the aim of bringing European pilots closer together on the VATSIM network. We currently operate exclusively from European based hubs, but with our Worldwide Schedule Agenda we hope to be operating flights to every corner of the globe in the coming months.

Here at Eurolink we're serious about working hard to create an immersive and interactive Virtual Airline environment for our pilots. Our aim is to strike a good balance between realism and enjoyment, giving serious simmers an environment that fulfills their realism requirements whilst at the same time enabling more casual simmers the ability to fly without complex rules and procedures.

In time we aim to become a go-to choice for virtual pilots seeking a Virtual Airline on VATSIM or just offline. As our airline starts to grow we will be introducing our community resources and forums into the mix.

Airline Information

Radio Callsign: Eurolink ICAO Code: ELK
Networks: VATSIM IATA Code: VK
Established: September 2021

So what is a Virtual Airline?

A virtual airline (or VA) is community comprised of flight simulation enthusiasts that aims to provide an immersive experience of working for an airline. Some mimic real world airlines and some are fictional, just like Eurolink. Virtual Airlines aim to provide a balance of realsim and enjoyment and ultimately an environment that you can fully immerse yourself in with likeminded people.

Does it cost anything?

No, but some of the aircraft we use are payware. More information on the Fleet page. Otherwise you just need to make sure you have a PC, a flight simulator and a joystick.

Why join a Virtual Airline?

Meet new people, earn awards, track your stats and flights as well as earn your ranks. Most importantly gives you an immsersive purpose to your flights. Being part of a VA gives you the realistic feeling that you are part of an operational airline.

Eurolink Divisions

Our operations see a varied fleet of aircraft at each of our hubs. The airline is currently made up of 4 Divisions. Regional, Cargo, Continental & Skycab.

Each division exists to give you, the pilot, a different and varied flying experience.


Short & medium haul flights to domestic and international destinations.


Medium & long haul flights to international destinations.


Short, medium & long haul cargo flights to a variety of destinations.


Short haul domestic and international flights that connect remote communities.

Eurolink is a rapidly growing airline.

Our initial investment hopes to position us well within Europe's passenger and cargo airline infrastructure, which is why we are starting our operations from Manchester, Gatwick and Frankfurt. These hubs will serve a large passenger demand using both our Regional and Continental divisions across a large range of destinations.

Find out more abouts our Operations

Our Rank Structure

Ranks are based on total hours flown using our ACARS system but will not determine which aircraft or flights you can fly. Everyone begins as a Student Pilot regardless of background. As your total hours increase your rank level increases which will unlock additional benefits (work in progress). As you fly you will also earn a salary and whilst you cannot spend it yet, we are working on some features around this.


Second Officer
5 Hours

Trn. First Officer
15 Hours

First Officer
25 Hours

Snr. First Officer
50 Hours

Trainee Captain
150 Hours

CAT D Captain
160 Hours

CAT C Captain
260 Hours

CAT B Captain
360 Hours

CAT A Captain
500 Hours

Senior Captain
700 Hours

Chief Captain
1000 Hours

Once every two months. We understand that there are times when life gets really busy and complicated but dont worry, you essentially have two months to either file a flight PIREP or Leave Request. If we don't receive either in a two month period we will assume that you have left the airline.
No, not currently. We are looking at implementing features in the future that would give your chosen hub more functionality. For now this is not an issue, and going forwards we can change your hub upon request.
No. You can file flight reports through our ACARS system even when flying by yourself. You still contribute towards both your own stats and the airline stats. We do recommend and encourage the use of VATSIM for added realism but it is entirely up to you.
All pilots start as a Student Pilot and progress through the ranks simply by increasing their total flight hours. We will be introducing additional perks for higher ranks but we will never restrict your use of aircraft using your rank.
You must be aged 16 years or older to join Eurolink.
Yes indeed. You can choose whichever flight you like regardless of where you last landed and regardless of your rank. It is your choice whether you fly from your previous landing location.
You can fly on any day, at any time if you wish, you will not be penalised. It does not matter if you overrun your schedule or arrive early as long as it is not excessive. When using VATSIM both delays and shortcuts from ATC are inevitable.
Yes. Diversions will happen from time to time, either due to system malfunctions or weather. You may even have a problem with your PC or Simulator and choose to divert rather than abort. Please ensure that the alternate airport that you are diverting to is within 100 miles of the original destination. If you have to make an emergency or precautionary landing at an airport that is further away than 100 miles then you must get in touch and let us know.
Yes but only if you absolutely must. This is sometimes required on long haul flights where the weather conditions or diversions are working against you. You won't be penalised for doing so but it is up to you to manage your fuel efficiently and to bear in mind that if you do stop to refuel, that this will take time to complete so must be planned carefully. Diverting to refuel and get back on track generally takes about an hour off your flight, so plan this extra time into your flight plan if you feel it may be necessary.
ACARS searches for a booked flight when it loads, so ensure that you load it after you have booked a flight. Ensure you fill in all of the fields accurately (kilograms and ft). Only click Start when you have fueled up and ready to start your pushback. Once you land and park at the gate you will have an option to submit the flight. It can take a few moments to appear on the website.
You can also find a Quick Start Guide for both Booking and using ACARS in the downloads sections once logged in.
Yes, there are specific departure airfields for General Aviation flights. You must book and depart the airfield as you would any other flight but you can land at an airfield of your discretion. You can even do touch and go landings however ACARS will only record a single touchdown for your Landing FPM stats. Flying GA is a great way to increase your hours and stay current without the pressures of flying an jet aircraft to a schedule.
No. We are working on this and hope to have something implemented soon. Drop a member of staff a message in the meantime should you feel like we need to know something about your flight.
Not yet. We are actively working on the airline's 'economy' and hope to be introducing more features soon. This will include spending your earnt money on perks and benefits.
We do not currently transfer hours from other Virtual Airlines.
No, our software only works on PC running Windows 7 upwards.

Pilot Applications

If you're interested in joining the Eurolink crew then click the button below and head on over to the careers portal.

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